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Taking the initiative to achieve menstrual equity for all

The core team of the Period Society comprises the founder and heads of various parts of our organization who are deeply committed to our mission of ending the taboo surrounding periods and improving access to menstrual hygiene products in low-income communities so that periods only put a stop to a sentence, not to a person's potential. The Core Team is responsible for coordinating work amongst the different branches and leading all initiatives and events as well as planning them.

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Communications Director

Hi there ! I’m Sameeksha! I’m 17, from Singapore, and I’m the Head of Communications for The Period Society- but if you met me, you would know about my burning desire to become the ruler of the world and sniff Beyoncé (I just really want know what she smells like). With this I should disclose that I am a born Aries (Creative, fiery, confident and motivated, or that’s what the internet has told me) and am so grateful to be working with The Period Society! Here are 5 completelyrandom facts about me -
• I am a Taekwondo and embroidery enthusiast 
• in love with my cute dog but it’s sadly unrequited 
• I’m a maximalist with absolutely no limits to my extra-ness ( beware) 
• I am an uncontrollable, sparkle and glitter fueled beast 
• I’m Super passionate about women’s and children’s healthcare and would love to work for UNICEF in the near future!


Social Media for Social Impact

The Communications Team plays an integral role in The Period Society by managing all of our outreach on our social media handles. By posting information and pictures from our sessions as well as highlighting issues related to women all around the globe, this branch of The Period Society shares the work we do with a growing audience and spreads awareness about the menstrual taboo and period poverty. Comprised of members who belong to Gen-Z itself, the Communications Team inspires Gen-Z  to lead the menstrual movement in India.



Instagram Head

Being a woman, especially being a woman of color, the stigma that comes with menstruation, I see and experience every day. If not me, my mother, my sister, my friends. I think it’s so powerful, the idea of a diverse group of people coming together to educate others and end the stigma. I think that’s what drew me into the Period Society the most. 



Bridging Gaps by finding intersections

The Outreach Team of The Period Society is the key to our growth as an organization. By looking for organizations with causes which intersect with ours, reaching out to collaborate, and brainstorming ways in which we can work with various partners, the Outreach Team consistently broadens our horizons in India and the United States of America.



Outreach Director - India

My name is Raina, and I am a junior at Hillspring International School in Mumbai. I first began understanding taboos and problems that are associated with menstrual hygiene in India when I participated in a local Model United Nations that discussed menstrual hygiene. To say I was shocked with my research is an understatement. I never considered what it was like for the millions of girls out there who didn't understand what was going on with their bodies and had no one to ask. That MUN made me a passionate advocate for addressing stigmas against menstruation, and I wanted to make a change but I didn't know how. Then came HMUN India 2019 where I learnt about The Period Society. It is amazing to be a part of this organisation and to do my part to help those millions of girls out there better understand what's going on with them!



Blog Team Head

Avanti Savur is a first year physics major studying in India. She hopes to be an astrophysicist some day. She is a strong advocate for women and queer people in the STEM field. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing, and aims to incite social change with her writing and creativity.


Writing to dismantle the taboo and achieve basic needs

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