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Avanti Savur

Avanti (she/her) is a 2nd year Physics major and an aspiring science journalist. Passionate about causes like representation of diverse groups in STEM, LGBTQ+ rights and feminism, Avanti hopes to use her love of writing to engage readers and create a space for having conversations and forming connections with one another in order to bring about social change.

Rhea Maryann Dias

Rhea Dias, a budding environmentalist and a conservationist by nature, is a 18 year old teen, who is a staunch believer in the importance of living sustainably, she believes that sustainability is not just an environmental issue; it’s also an economic one.

Rhea advocates menstrual health and education through her involvement in “The Period Society”.

Whether it’s baking, music, dancing, poetry or classic paintings, you’ve got Rhea’s interest. She’s enthusiastic about upliftment of the lower sections of society and makes it a point to volunteer every 6 months at a local NGO. She also likes all forms of clean ups- whether it’s her locality or the beach clean ups.

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