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Executive Board


Sameeksha Sood

Director of Operations

Hi there ! I’m Sameeksha! I’m 17, from Singapore, and I’m the Head of Communications for The Period Society- but if you met me, you would know about my burning desire to become the ruler of the world and sniff Beyoncé (I just really want know what she smells like). With this I should disclose that I am a born Aries (Creative, fiery, confident and motivated, or that’s what the internet has told me) and am so grateful to be working with The Period Society! Here are 5 completely random facts about me -

• I am a Taekwondo and embroidery enthusiast 

• in love with my cute dog but it’s sadly unrequited 

• I’m a maximalist with absolutely no limits to my extra-ness ( beware) 

• I am an uncontrollable, sparkle and glitter fueled beast 

• I’m Super passionate about women’s and children’s healthcare and would love to work for UNICEF in the near future!

Swara Patel

Founder and President

Swara is a senior at the Herricks High School in New York who was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She is extremely passionate about International relations and Global Health. In the future, she intends to lead an international organization to formulate health policies to combat global health inequity and further the reproductive rights of women . She spends her free time directing international level Model UN conferences as a chairperson, learning Bharatanatyam, reading, leading social justice organizations, and spending time with her friends.


As a volunteer, she noticed that a surprising number of women did not  have access to menstrual hygiene products. Moreover, as a girl growing up in India she personally felt the pervading influence of the menstrual taboo on all aspects of social life. She is extremely excited to work on this initiative and expand it to reach women in Mumbai and beyond and is thankful to the generous network of volunteers and donors who have made this initiative possible!

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