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The Period Society is a youth founded initiative which strives to promote menstrual equity by working towards its  goal of breaking the stigma surrounding periods and making period products accessible to combat period poverty. While we collaborate with organizations around the world, our region of focus is India where we empower underserved communities by educating women about menstrual hygiene and providing them with period products. We do not collect any profits and all the donations we receive - either monetary, or in kind- are utilized to implement our programs in these communities.

The Period Society was founded in 2018, by Swara Patel, a junior at Herricks High School who immigrated to the United States of America at the age of 16. Growing up in India, she witnessed the impact that the menstrual taboo had on the lives of all groups of women when she realized her domestic help's daughter often used a rag and that there was a lack of accessibility to safe period practices especially in tribal areas and economically disadvantaged communities during her time as a volunteer. These life experiences compounded by the menstrual taboo in her community which she personally experienced inspired her to begin a student-led organization and create opportunities for people to break the menstrual taboo.

While leading this movement for equality we create an array of opportunities for people of all backgrounds, especially students to take action within their communities to disseminate information about healthy menstrual hygiene practices and organize drives to distribute menstrual hygiene products. Working with a network of doctors, social workers, students, and passionate citizens we hope to achieve our vision of a world where a period only ends a sentence and never sets a limit to anyone's potential.

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