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It literally means 'dignity'

Samaan ( A Hindi word dignity ) for  is an annual fundraising drive which we host in August to collect/purchase menstrual hygiene products for women in low-income communities in India. Whenever possible, we opt for biodegradable and reusable cloth pads to minimize environmental impact due to menstrual waste. During Samaan 2019, we were fortunate to raise $2,585 on an online crowdfunding platform due to the generous support of our donors. Please stay tuned to this page for more information about the fundraising events which we have planned for Samaan 2019 and ways in which you can support us to ensure that one day, no woman menstruates in shame due to a lack of access to period products.



Stay tuned for more information about Samaan 2020 which we will be hosting in August 2020 ! We are in the process of planning events and will release more information here. Please take a look at the 'Impact' tab for details of past events.

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